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Type of heater

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100% Dry, Clean, Odourless heat

This indirect heating device delivers ample amounts of fresh, heated, and dry air, designed for warming expansive areas like auditoriums, tents, and locations with occupants. This heating unit is particularly well-suited for environments with restricted airflow or the potential for flammable materials. Indirect heaters can also be employed for drying purposes, and for optimal outcomes, consider using them alongside dehumidifiers. Require assistance in selecting the appropriate heating equipment?

Electric & radiant heater

Radiant heaters emit advanced infrared warmth, which is concentrated and highly intense. These heaters radiate heat up to a distance of 6 meters and are excellent for keeping people cozy or drying specific areas.

Our selection of radiant heaters is quite diverse. You can choose from longwave heaters to commercial infrared models. If you need more information about the numerous advantages of renting a radiant heater, please don't hesitate to contact us.

No matter the size of the space you wish to warm, you'll discover an appropriate electric heater for rent here. You can select from compact, portable electric radiators to large 42kW heaters. Our offerings range from infrared and longwave heating to industrial 3-phase blowers and electric fan heaters.

These electric heaters present the ideal solution for your heating needs. There are numerous reasons why you might require one of our electric heaters for hire. If you need further insights, feel free to reach out. You can also explore our Heating Hire calculator, which will provide more guidance on which electric heater is the best fit for your requirements.

Vulcan Heating hire

Vulcan Hire, temporary heat hire

We supply temporary power and emergency power to a wide range of industries. 24-7, 365 all over Scotland & Northern England. 

Need fuel management services, distribution and cabling or Generator fuel management ?

No problem, whatever your temporary power requirements we can help, just get in touch!

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Which heater is right for you?

As the chilly season swiftly approaches, bringing with it gusty winds, rain, snow, and icy conditions, staying warm is paramount. Vulcan Heating has got you covered, ensuring you're not left out in the cold.

No matter what nature throws your way this year, Vulcan Heating has the perfect heating solution to fend off the cold.

Explore our comprehensive selection of heating equipment available for rent. We cater to both domestic and industrial settings. For specialised heating needs, visit All Seasons Hire, a part of the Vulcan Heating Group.

Wondering which heater is right for you? Here are some options:

Electric Heaters

Our radiant and convection heaters are incredibly lightweight, making them easy to position and highly portable. They're ideal for heating offices and smaller spaces, as well as site huts and domestic rooms.

Radiant Heaters

Our radiant heaters emit advanced Infra-Red heat, providing localised and intense warmth. These heaters can project heat up to 6 meters and are perfect for keeping individuals warm or drying specific areas.

Indirect Heater

Indirect heaters can be ducted to deliver generous quantities of clean, warm, dry air for heating expansive spaces. They are particularly suitable for environments with limited ventilation or a risk of combustible materials. These heaters are perfect for warming halls, marquees, and areas with people present.


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